Asset Management

Ideal Sika Fund

Ideal Sika Fund "the Fund" is an open-ended money market mutual fund, which has the objective of providing regular income while preserving capital and maintaining liquidity at all times by investing in a diversified portfolio of high quality fixed income securities and other money market instruments. The Fund is structured to provide a preferred investment opportunity to both individuals and institutional clients by creating an investment portfolio selected in line with the investment strategy of the Fund. By its objective, the Fund creates a suitable opportunity for individual and institutional investors to pull their resources together in order to enjoy the economies of scale that comes with it.


The Fund will adopt a risk assessment module that would guide its selection of investments as it creates wealth for its shareholders. Counter-parties shall be thoroughly screened for professional and technical competency, proven track record, adequate legal mandate, and business model viability etc., as a pre- requisite for doing business with the Fund.


There shall be strict adherence to professional best practice in the management of the Fund by seeking the ultimate interest of the shareholder at all times.


The Fund ultimately presents itself as a reasonably safe, reliable and exceptionally managed Fund that creates shareholder value in comfort.


Investment Objective

Ideal Sika Fund (the Fund) seeks to achieve competitive returns and preservation of capital through carefully selected portfolio of money market instruments with the aim of providing liquidity to meet short-to-medium term financial needs.


Fund Details

Fund Type: Money Market

Initial Minimum Investment: GHS 50

Subsequent Minimum Contribution: GHS 10

Recommended Holding Period: At least 3 months


Benefits of Ideal Sika Fund

  • Liquidity and flexibility.
  • Services of a professional Fund Manager.
  • Enjoy the reward associated with a diversified portfolio.
  • Enjoy all interest income earned less expenses.
  • Minimum investment amount of GHS 50.
  • Regular updates on status of your investment.
  • Competitive returns.
  • Free and regular professional investment advice.
  • Information on investment can be provided over the telephone or Email.

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